about food chain

Food Chain is the ultimate in sports nutrition, designed to take your training & nutrition to the next level. Food Chain has been designed whilst working alongside leading nutritionists and top sport athletes to build a truly unique, modular container system alongside their intuitive, tailored app. Nutrition isn’t something to be ignored, it’s something to be embraced and if it’s done in the right way, it can be enjoyable and rewarding. Allotting more time for more frequent meals becomes worthwhile and that itself, gives you an opportunity to take your training to a higher level.


joe hill & megan taylor

Food Chain is a passion driven fitness brand, founded by two young entrepreneurs that wanted to develop the ultimate in sports nutrition products to take your training to the next level. Food Chain has been in the making for 3 years and has been a pure labour of love with no corners cut, ensuring the best possible product has been brought to market. Working alongside experts chefs, engineering partners and top sport athletes, Food Chain has been designed to finally focus on making nutrition a focal point of your training that's not neglected.


ben worle

Cross fit Athlete & Personal Trainer | UK

Ben Worle joined the Food Chain team to help develop the nutritional side of the Food Chain APP, with his wealth of training and nutritional experience. He has also been a consistently great supporter of the Food Chain Vision. He Is the co-owner of a fantastic Cross fit Gym that embodies what Food Chain Is all about. He is an important member of the the Food Chain Team.

molly jones

Hurdler | Aspiring Athlete | UK

Food Chain is about all sport backgrounds and being top of the Food Chain, that's why we were immediately keen to bring Molly Jones on board, as she has a true passion for her craft. She is the definition of 'Top of the Food Chain'.


New formed Cycle Team | UK

We are proud to be one of the early sponsors for BPF Cycling team. Like us here at Food Chain, they have a real passion for their vision and are a great fit with our brand ethos. All of The BPF riders are aspiring, competitive level cyclists, realising nutrition is a key corner stone of their training. We are currently working closely with all the riders to populate some great cycling based meal prep recipes to work within the Food Chain APP.


Bodybuilder | Athlete | UK

Doug is the latest member to join the Food Chain team. He bring a tremendous knowledge base with him surrounding sport nutrition and also the application of correct training methods. We are excited to have Doug on board as he is already and will be an influential part of the APP content creation.